Circular Scraper Bridge

The Circular Scraper Bridge is built into a circular centered pond for the sedimentation and retention of sludge and other solids. The system is used in cases where the suspended particles must be removed and removed by gravity.

The mixture of water and sludge from the central tower is guided by a guiding drive roller to allow sediment solids to settle to the bottom. The scraper lower arms transfer the precipitated sludge to the conical structure at the center of the pool (center) and are then promoted with a pump. The treated water flows towards the top of the ponds. Possible solids remaining on the water surface are held by weirs and taken to a collection-discharge tank.

  • With the drive system, it rotates on the wheels depending on the center.
  • It is made of hot galvanized steel.
  • Polyurethane coated iron wheels, shafts and wheel holders
  • Peripheral dual axis drive trolley made of carbon steel
  • Lower scraper arms connected to mobile bridge main frame
  • Scrapers made of acid-resistant neoprene rubber.