Privacy Policy

Recording and Security of User Data

No private data of users (VISITORS) visiting the site is recorded. Visitors’ data on site usage can only be recorded anonymously to improve the site browsing experience. Registration to the site is currently disabled, but with the introduction of this feature in the following periods and dates, usage data of users (MEMBERS) are recorded in order to provide options that can determine their own usage preferences.

The security of the information shared by MEMBER during the creation of the account in the system is the responsibility of Arsistek Treatment Inc. MEMBER information stored in the system is encrypted and saved, and a secure fraud or attack threat against 128-bit SSL Certificate is stored securely.

The account information and passwords that the MEMBER will create when registering in the system are private and cannot be shared with other persons or organizations. The MEMBER himself is liable for any negligence or omission in this respect.

Use of User Data Information

The usage data of the VISITOR and MEMBER on the system can be used as reference data for the development of a better user experience and system improvements.

In addition, usage data; can be registered anonymously in terms of providing statistical information in the system development processes and can be shared with third parties.

When you subscribe to the site, the usage preferences stated in the shared or later processes are taken into consideration in order to make the content available on the site easier. In the dynamic areas of the site shaped according to user preferences, the contents can be presented as priority according to user preferences.

Sharing User Information

Information such as “user name en determined by the MEMBER at the time of membership of the site (or included in the associated social media accounts) is shown to all users only for transactions such as sharing and comments made through the site. Other user and usage data are stored securely on the system.

Arsistek Treatment Inc. reserves the right to share the user and usage data with the relevant authorities in the event of requests from the official authorities as a result of the activities of the VISITOR or MEMBER as a result of the legal action on the site.

We are pleased to share any suggestions, evaluations and complaints with us. You can send your suggestions and comments to