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Biological Treatment

Biological treatment is the process of decomposing dissolved organic matter in the wastewater by bacteriological activities.

In order for the bacteria to perform the purification process, parameters such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and toxic substances must be kept under control. Applications; activated sludge systems, biofilm systems, stabilization ponds, aerated lagoons and trickle filters.

What is the purpose of biological treatment ?

The purpose of biological treatment is to remove non-precipitated solids from waste water and stabilize organic materials. In domestic wastewater treatment, in addition to organic matter content, nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are removed in biological treatment.

Often it is also important to remove the amount of organic matter that may be toxic. Treatment of nitrogen and phosphorus, which is important in returning water from agricultural areas, is critical.

For industrial wastewater, the treatment of organic and inorganic compounds is important. Since most of these compounds have toxic effects on microorganisms, pre-treatment is often required.