Package Sewage Wastewater Treatment

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Package Sewage Wastewater Treatment

Package Treatment Plants

Package wastewater treatment systems are systems that are applied especially for the treatment of domestic biological waste water. Our units are generally 100 and 1000 people in our factory. package wastewater treatment it is produced in a production period of 7-15 days. Capacities can be added to meet the desired needs. Our company provides full service in many domestic and foreign countries with its factory without being dependent on foreign countries.

What is Package Wastewater Treatment?

They are compact facilities that provide biological purification of wastewater. These systems contain all the necessary processes within a treatment unit. All components required for wastewater treatment processes are presented in a single system. In this way, it offers easy-to-use, space-saving and fast installation.

Advantages of the System!

Package systems have many advantages. Here are some reasons why you should choose these systems;

  • It is available at affordable costs compared to other large-scale treatment plants. These systems, which are especially preferred in mass housing projects such as Villa and Mass Housing projects, offer a budget-friendly option.
  • It has a small and compact design. In this way, they can be easily used in projects with limited space. They also offer a practical solution for mobile sewage wastewater treatment needs.

  • It is pre-made in the factory and requires minimal labor during the installation phase, so that the installation is done quickly and the projects are completed on time.


ARBİO-10020 m3 / Day100 Persons / Day7 - 10 Days
ARBİO-20040 m3 / Day200 Persons / Day7 - 10 Days
ARBİO-30060 m3 / Day300 Persons / Day7 - 10 Days
ARBİO-40080 m3 / Day400 Persons / Day7 - 10 Days
ARBİO-500100 m3 / Day500 Persons / Day7 - 12 Days
ARBİO-600120 m3 / Day600 Persons / Day7 - 12 Days
ARBİO-700140 m3 / Day700 Persons / Day7 - 13 Days
ARBİO-800160 m3 / Day800 Persons / Day7 - 15 Days
ARBİO-900180 m3 / Day900 Persons / Day7 - 15 Days
ARBİO-1000200 m3 / Day1000 Persons / Day7 - 15 Days

Usage Areas

  • Residential Sewage Treatment

    Mass Housing and Sites

    Mass Housing and STP-SBR Treatment

  • Belediye Paket Arıtma

    Municipalities, Counties and Villages

    Municipal and Village Package Treatment

  • İnşaat Şantiyeleri Arıtma

    Construction Sites

    Construction Sites and Camp Treatment

  • Fabrika Paket Arıtma

    Factories and Industrial

    Factory and Industry Package Treatment

  • Organize Sanayi Paket Arıtma

    Organized Industrial Zones

    Organized Industrial Zones

  • Otel Paket Arıtma

    Hotels and Resorts

    Hotel and Resort Package Treatment

  • Asker Paket Atıksu Arıtma

    Military Facilities and Training Areas

    Military units package wastewater treatment

  • Üniversite Paket Arıtma

    Universities and Campuses

    University and Campus Package Treatment

  • Geçici Yerleşim Yerleri ve Kamplar Paket Arıtma

    Concentration and Refugee Camps

    Concentration and Refugee Camps

  • Kamp Alanları ve Doğa Otelleri Paket Arıtma

    Campgrounds and Nature Hotels

    Campgrounds and Nature Hotels

Working Principle

Screen Channel

Waste water first reaches the "Channel" with manual or automatic cleaning screens. The solids in the wastewater that cannot be dissolved in the water are retained and are removed from the system manually or automatically.

Manual Gratings are generally manufactured as ST37 material and galvanized coating. However, depending on the population and flow rate, "Automatic Mechanical Screen" should be preferred.

The mechanical screen works automatically and automatically transfers the solid materials to the waste bucket.

Pre-Sedimentation Screen !

The waste water, which is purified from solid materials by passing through the screens, reaches the pre-settlement basin. The settleable particles, especially the suspended solids in the waste water, are kept in the settling basin. Thus, the pollution load of the waste water decreases to a certain extent, and as a result, it allows the mechanical equipment throughout the system to operate smoothly.

The solid particles accumulating on the sedimentation basin floor must be removed from the system separately by pulling them with the help of vacuum trucks at certain periods.

Equalization Pool !

Ön çöktürme havuzunun üst seviyesinden aktarılan sular ” DENGELEME HAVUZU ” nda toplanır. Proje bazlı tasarlanan, dengeleme havuzu suyu depolamak için kullanılmaktadır.

Biological Treatment Reactor (SBR – STP)

Wastewater in the balancing pool is sent to the project-based packaged wastewater treatment tank.

With the blower, which is compact in the system, oxygen transfer is provided so that microorganisms can live and reproduce.

Oxygen transfer is provided by the blower, which is compact in the system, for the reproduction of microorganisms. In this way, the wastewater reaches the oxygen richness at a rate. In the control of PLC Automation, the blower becomes passive and the organisms in the waste waters that remain dormant for a certain period of time settle to the bottom and are transmitted to the discharge line by the discharge pump. By making Chlorine dosage on the discharge line, possible escape of bacteria is prevented and odor formation is prevented.

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