MBR Wastewater Treatment

MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems

Since MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems are operated at high sludge ages, it reduces the amount of sludge formed by half. Therefore, it reduces sludge management costs. In addition, since the sludge formed is stabilized in the membrane pool, it eliminates the odor problem that occurs afterwards. Since the sludge is already stabilized in the MBR system, it reduces the polymer dosage required in sludge conditioning before the decanter. Our system provides undeniable advantages not only for biological treatment, but also for your entire treatment plant.

The water treated with membranes is of high quality, and it is especially possible to recover water for different purposes. MBR treatment modules are suitable modular systems for capacity increase and development of conventional activated sludge systems.

MBR wastewater treatment systems are especially ideal for the treatment of wastewater containing high concentrations of organic matter, solids and liquids, and oil and grease (Membrane Bioreactors).

Membranes first hold the biomass and dissolved suspended solids (MLSS) in the bioreactor, thus providing clean water as a result of particle, bacteria and virus removal.

Wastewater treatment and Wastewater recovery often install their own treatment systems to reduce discharge costs to municipal treatment plants and to fully recover valuable products from wastewater. For this reason, MBR treatment systems remove 96-99% of COD compared to conventional activated sludge processes.

MBR Treatment, Superior Features …

  • MBR Arıtma Sistemleri


    Because MBR modules are produced locally. The production cost is low and thus provides a great advantage in the competitive market.

  • Wastewater Recovery


    We recycle the effluent with MBR Treatment's high treatment efficiency. We reduce your water cost, which is one of the operating costs of your facility.

  • Mbr Arıtma Alan


    You can place 20% more membranes in the same reactor. The packaging rate is very high and it uses the tank space efficiently.

  • MBR Atıksu Arıtma Güçlü


    Membranes are reinforced with PET layer, which is a special support layer. It is 5 times stronger than other hollow fiber membranes.

  • Mbr Arıtma Verimi


    MBR systems provide an efficient treatment between 90% and 99%. It eliminates the related discharge standard problems.

  • Mbr Arıtma Kimyasal


    PVDF polymer with high chemical resistance is used. Therefore, they have high resistance to waste water whose chemical properties are problematic.

Usage Areas

  • Municipalities, Counties and Villages
  • Residences and Buildings
  • Stadium and Sports Facilities
  • Construction Sites and Dormitories
  • Universities and Campuses
  • Student Dormitories and Campuses
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Hobby Gardens and Nature Tourism
  • Campgrounds
  • Villas and Sites
  • Çöp Sızıntı Suları
  • Prisons and Campuses
  • Refugee Campgrounds
  • Organized Industrial Zones
  • Factories and Industrial Sites
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Fruit Juice and Processing Plants
  • Dairy Factories, Production Facilities
  • Textile Industry Factories
  • Fish Processing Facilities