Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

At the design stage of Industrial and Chemical wastewater treatment plants, a treatment plant is designed as a result of the samples taken from the wastewater from the plants. High COD ratios such as especially intense amounts of oil and grease, pH, color and heavy metals are encountered in the wastewater generated by the sector.

Although there are usually coagulation, flocculation and neutralization units for the treatment of chemical waste water, many process designs are made.

Industrial and chemical wastewater needs to be treated by some important treatment processes before it can be reused and discharged. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, (Water Pollution Control Regulation) Industrial waste water treatment systems and facilities are necessary because of the necessity of meeting the discharge limits of the standards. Wastewater treatment also helps organizations save money by reusing water in their industrial processes, while minimizing waste treatment costs.

Industrial wastewater treatment systems; In general, Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants, Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants, milk processing treatment plants, fruit processing treatment plants, fish processing treatment plants, textile and dyehouse treatment plants, oil and mine treatment plants, organized industrial zones treatment plants, paint treatment plants, It is used in many treatment plants such as factory treatment plants, industrial site treatment plants, train washing and maintenance treatment plants, workshop or repair shop treatment plants, aluminum wastewater treatment plants. Arsistek Treatment Inc. produces without being dependent on the outside.

Usage Areas

  • Organized Industrial Treatment Plants
  • Factory and Industrial Facilities
  • Fish Processing Facilities
  • Paper and Cardboard Industry
  • Leather Processing Facilities
Chemical Wastewater Treatment, Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment, Textile Wastewater Treatment