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Atıksu Arıtma Tesisi Revizyonu

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Package wastewater treatment systems are systems that are applied especially for the treatment of domestic biological wastewater. Units are produced in our factory as package treatment for 100 and 1000 people, in a production period of 7-15 days. Capacities can be added to meet the desired needs. Our company provides service with its factory without being dependent on the outside.

Biological wastewater treatment plants are a treatment process that uses natural processes to help decompose organic matter. It relies on bacteria and other small organisms to break down organic waste using normal cellular processes.

Wastewater often contains organic matter such as garbage, waste and partially digested food, It may also contain pathogenic organisms, heavy metals and toxins. The purpose of biological treatment is actually to create a system in which the decomposition results are easily collected for proper disposal.

It uses both aerobic and anaerobic biological processes to ensure the best removal of organic materials from wastewater.

Biological treatment is used all over the world because it is a more efficient investment than many mechanical or chemical treatments, especially in terms of operating costs.

Biological wastewater treatment plants can generally be constructed as steel construction (package treatment) or reinforced concrete structures, depending on the amount of wastewater generated and the land where the treatment plant is foreseen. In addition, while designing the treatment plant, especially odor, piping, automation, shift, region, climatic conditions, operating factors and sector production analyzes should be made.

It is also used in slaughterhouse and slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants.

At the design stage of Industrial and Chemical wastewater treatment plants, a treatment plant is designed as a result of the samples taken from the wastewater from the plants. High COD ratios such as especially intense amounts of oil and grease, pH, color and heavy metals are encountered in the wastewater generated by the sector.

Although there are usually coagulation, flocculation and neutralization units for the treatment of chemical waste water, many process designs are made.