300 Kişilik Paket Arıtma

100 Person Package Wastewater Treatment Plant

300 Person Package Treatment Plant

Package Wastewater Treatment Systems, as the name suggests, can be considered as "Package Wastewater Treatment - Compact". Our units are produced in our own factory without being dependent on the outside. By adding units, they can respond to the desired flow or capacity. Our company provides service with its technological factory.

  • Toplu Konut Arıtma

    Residences and Buildings

    Mass Housing, Villa and Site Wastewater Treatment

  • İnşaat Arıtma

    Construction Sites

    Construction, HEPP, Dam Sites Package Treatment

  • Kamp Alanı Arıtma


    Campgrounds and Camping Package Treatment

  • Üniversite Arıtma


    Universities, Campuses and Social Area Refinements

  • Mülteci Kampları Arıtma

    Temporary Settlements

    Refugee Camps, Temporary Settlements

  • Otel Arıtma

    Hotels Resorts, Cottages

    Hotel, Motel, Resort Package Treatment

  • Fabrika Arıtma


    Factories, Slaughterhouse, Dairy and Fruit Wastewater Treatment

  • Belediye Arıtma

    Municipality and Villages

    Municipal, District and Village Treatments

  • Askeri Arıtma

    Military Facilities

    Military Facility, Education Field Wastewater Treatments

  • Organize Sanayi Arıtma

    Organized Industrial Zones

    Organized Industrial Zone Package Treatments

Working Principle

Screen Channel; Waste water reaches the area where the manual or automatic cleaning screens are located, and then the insoluble solids in it are retained and removed from the system.

Manual Gratings are generally manufactured as ST37 material and galvanized coating. However, depending on the population and flow rate, "Automatic Mechanical Screen" should be preferred.

The mechanical screen works automatically and automatically transfers the solid materials to the waste bucket.

Pre-Sedimentation Basin; The waste water, which is purified from solid materials by passing through the screen channel, reaches the Pre-settlement pond. By keeping the solids in this pool, the pollution load of the wastewater is reduced. It allows the mechanical equipment throughout the system to run smoothly.

Solid particles (sludge) accumulating on the sedimentation basin floor generally need to be removed from the system at certain periods by pulling them with the help of vacuum trucks.

Equalization Basin; The water transferred from the upper level of the pre-settlement basin is collected in the “BALANCEMENT BASIN”. The balancing basin, designed on a project basis, is used to store water.

Especially, the waste water that may occur at any time of the day is transferred to the BIOLOGICAL SEWAGE WASTEWATER TREATMENT REACTOR with the help of a submersible pump, especially at a homogeneous and balanced flow rate.

Biological Sewage Wastewater Treatment Tank (Reactor) STP – SBR; Wastewater taken from the balancing basin with the help of a pump is transferred to the BIOLOGICAL REACTOR (Package Sewage Wastewater Treatment System) tank, which is sized on the basis of project and flow. With the help of the level floats in the tank, a certain level of wastewater is taken.

Oxygen transfer is provided by the blower, which is compact in the system, for the reproduction of microorganisms. In this way, the wastewater reaches the oxygen richness at a rate. In the control of PLC Automation, the blower becomes passive and the organisms in the waste waters that remain dormant for a certain period of time settle to the bottom and are transmitted to the discharge line by the discharge pump. By making Chlorine dosage on the discharge line, possible escape of bacteria is prevented and odor formation is prevented.

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